Cloud Computing Fueling Economic Growth

There is strong evidence that the increasing up take of cloud services by enterprise is fueling global economic growth. Of all the services available within the cloud structures, software as a service, (SAAS) would appear at present to offer businesses the most immediate possibility of reducing overheads. The ability to aces variable software applications from multiple internet devices, without associated on site costs, is enticing many companies into negotiations with cloud service providers, who may compliment their particular business model. Embracing cloud computing technology can reduce operational and investment costs, and more significantly for large enterprise, it can allow IT departments to focus on tactical projects and strategies, in place of data center up keep. The growth in cloud computing up take, is encouraging economic revival in several ways. By optimizing output within business, reductions in capital spend result in higher allocations in expansion and innovation. A host of new jobsand managerial roles are being created to meet the skills required by companies operating within a cloud infrastructure. The change from within a standard business model, transferring it,s software, and data storage requirements, to a cloud, is powering a surge in cloud related training and educational programs. Rising markets, such as China and India, are jointly anticipated to create approx 6.8 million cloud enabled jobs between 2012 and 2015. It is hoped that cloud computing will be an important factor in revitalizing world economic health. By 2015, business income from IT innovation, facilitated by cloud technology, could reach us$1.1 trillion a year. So, in summary, the future is looking good for the cloud computing sector. New technologies and advances will continue the evolution of cloud services and applications, pushing the realms of what today we think of, as impossible. The world,s economic health could do with a tonic, cloud computing may not be cure, but instead an important ingredient in a global economic cooking pot.