Top Five Cloud Service Providers

Business owners who are looking to expand the applications of their enterprise are looking to the cloud to outsource their needs. Choosing the right cloud service providers can be a very challenging task because there are many of them to select from. Here are five of the top cloud service providers who are leaders in their field.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon is known as a long time leader in the world of cloud computing as it delivers a suite of tools that can provide inexpensive infrastructure as a service to organisations in need of reliable cloud computing services and storage. It has what is called as the Elastic Compute Cloud Service or the EC2, as a cloud based service allowing users to create virtual machines and at the same time run any software depending on their needs. Users can pay by the hour for the use of the server and they will have control over the deployment and location. This is designed to directly work with the Amazon Web Services such as S3 or Simple Storage Services, where users can store and recover unlimited data, paying only for the resources used.
Google App Engine
Google, a major contender in internet technology, joined the ranks of computing service providers with it,s service known as Google App Engine Platform. This is designed to develop and host web applications using the data centers and infrastructure of Google. It can support different languages such as Ruby, Java and Python. This service enables developers to pay only for what they have used without the start-up fees or recurring fees.
This company is considered the front-runner when it comes to cloud based web hosting. It has a very easy to use server as well as on demand solutions offering customers with a way to get the servers online fast without investing in the hardware. Users will typically pay for the use of the service by the hour and can delete or add server instances. The main selling point of the company is their fanatical support which offers excellent customer assistance through fast response to problems, providing technical expertise and searching for solutions beneficial to the customer.
Microsoft Azure
This is the answer of Microsoft to cloud computing. This service enables developers to use the infrastructure as well as data centers of Microsoft to develop, run as well as host web applications. This cloud computing service offers a comprehensive set of services that include computing environments, content delivery network, database functionality as well as scalable storage.
This is a software as a service provider specializing in delivering business applications using cloud computing services. The suite of tools can provide organizations with client relationship management services in order for them to boost sales and get connected with the customers. This cloud computing service enables developers to use Salesforce infrastructure in developing add-on applications integrating Salesforce solution.
These top five cloud service providers are unique on their own. You can choose one that suits best the needs of your organization. There are a host of new and up-coming cloud providers, all of which are trying to offer that little bit more, what is important is to take your time and choose wisely. No business wants cloud issues impacting on out-put or performance. Cloud computing is inspiring an evolution in business frameworks, it has presented infinite scope to by-pass the IT restrictions faced by small to medium enterprise.