Cloud Issues? And How Enterprise Can Avoid Them

So you have decided to move to the cloud, you have pain-stakingly researched which provider best fits your companies cloud aspirations and goals, and you have signed the dotted line. What now?, sit back and wait for inplementation?. I`m afraid not, this is possibly the most critical time to oversee your change management and employee ... Read Entire story

New Rackspace Cloud Monitoring Service Is News

One leading cloud hosting service providers, Rackspace, unveiled their latest offering recently. Rackspace Cloud Monitoring is an elastic scalable solution which aids IT managers and enterprise monitor the health of their footprint online. This service allows for monitoring and notification on any issues which may arise with websites – ports or protocols. Of course Rackspace ... Read Entire story

Virtual Pilot 3d / As Near To Flying As You Can Get

An amazing use of technology to bring us ultra realistic flying sensations!

Cloud Computing News Issues / Can Cloud News Help Your Business ?

With cloud computing adoption going mainstream, enterprise can side-step, or possibly avoid certain computing issues typical to their particular business category. If buying a new car or house, you would not sign-up before investing time researching similar offers and deals. The same should be true when choosing the cloud service provider which best compliments your ... Read Entire story

Top Five Cloud Service Providers

Business owners who are looking to expand the applications of their enterprise are looking to the cloud to outsource their needs. Choosing the right cloud service providers can be a very challenging task because there are many of them to select from. Here are five of the top cloud service providers who are leaders in ... Read Entire story

Cloud Computing Fueling Economic Growth

There is strong evidence that the increasing up take of cloud services by enterprise is fueling global economic growth. Of all the services available within the cloud structures, software as a service, (SAAS) would appear at present to offer businesses the most immediate possibility of reducing overheads. The ability to aces variable software applications from ... Read Entire story

Cloud Computing / As A Service To Humanity ?

When we discuss the issues affecting cloud computing, the human cost cannot be easily quantified. Long ago, i was won over by the concepts and technology driving the development of cloud computing. It has breached limits, which historically restricted small to medium enterprise from competing on a level playing field. Cloud services have enabled all ... Read Entire story

Cloud Issues / Repeat Offenders In Cloud Computing News

Cloud computing is the future avenue into which business and enterprise will flow. New cloud computing providers are springing up daily, it seems. The number of people directly or indirectly employed in the cloud sector is estimated to rise in line with cloud services demand. Cloud technology affects so many lives, and will impact on ... Read Entire story

Cloud Computing Insights And IT Evolution

Ok, we all know the cloud is the internet, a network of networks connected to servers, storage, computers etc. Cloud computing is the virtualization of enterprise computing needs and assets, basically a decoupling of software from hardware. Of course it,s not that simple, but you get the idea. An enterprise or business, traditionally kept all ... Read Entire story

Cloud Computing And IT Management

Once a business has opted to move it,s workloads and applications to the cloud, it is important to support employees throughout the process of cloud implementation. Future business objectives are dependent on effective management preparation into cloud computing. It,s estimated that in the previous few years, up to 20 percent of business has exported workloads ... Read Entire story

Computing meltdown at RBS

Royal Bank Of Scotland in UK, is set to launch a comprehensive inquiry into what has been termed, a computing meltdown. Sources say it all began with the CA-7 scheduling software provided to RBS by US technology company CA. RBS is a major british banking and insurance holding company. At present, due to the economic ... Read Entire story

cloud computing cornerstones

Growth in the cloud computing industry is massive. Most companies, large and small, have at least probed the advantages and disadvantages that moving their business to cloud computing would bring. Recent back up, and performance issues will give all business pause for thought. In the rush to bring business to the cloud, providers and cloud ... Read Entire story

What is Cloud Computing

The Private Cloud is a new technological know-how for the IT industry. It allows so many individuals of a business enterprise to share with you exactly the same infrastructure to achieve operating without having a monthly investments upon components & software system. Private Cloud are actually a department involved with Cloud Computing plus its required ... Read Entire story

Advantages & Disadvantages

Cloud Computing is the use of common software, functionality add-ins, or business applications from a remote server that is accessed via the Internet. Basically, the Internet is the “cloud” of applications and services that are available for access by subscribers utilising a modem from their computer. With Cloud Computing, one simply logs into desired computer ... Read Entire story

Mobile cloud computing is ready

Cloud computing and mobile Internet are seen as the future development trend, and a combination of both kinds of computing is mobile unlimited prospects, more and more giants have joined the field. The picture shows Apple CEO Steve Jobs WWDC 2011 posted on cloud storage service iCloud. This type of computing has become the IT ... Read Entire story

Document management in the cloud and the future of cloud computing

Underpinned by both technology and economic disruptions, the cloud will centrally change the way technology providers engage with business customers and any one users. Global income from public cloud computing services is expected to evolve at 5 times the rate of traditional IT, according to International Data Corp. As for the hard numbers, public IT ... Read Entire story

Holding Breath of IT Industry

‘Cloud Computing’ in simple terms means providing computer related output like a service and not as a utility. This can be attained by software distribution through resources and the information shared by other computers on a network. The services procured from computing through a cloud can vary from data access, data management, storage resources, software ... Read Entire story